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The UK appeals to expats because it’s closer to other countries in Europe, it offers free health care to all residents (in addition to other state services), and there are plenty of job opportunities. Still, moving to a new country is challenging, and that’s why it’s good to know a few important things about this transition.



UK Tourist Visa
This type of visa is popular for individuals who wish to come to the UK for tourism, business, or visiting their family members. When a visitor is in the UK on a tourist visa or UK visit visa.
UK Sole Rep Visa
The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa category is for businesses that wish to send a senior employee to the UK in order to establish a commercial presence for the company in the UK.
UK Study Visa
If you apply from outside the UK, it will take approximately 3 weeks to receive a decision on your Student Visa application. If you apply from inside the UK (switch to Student Visa), it will take approximately 8 weeks.
UK Family Visa
The UK Family visas are designed for migrants who can come to or remain in the UK as the partners, children and elderly dependent relatives of people who are already in the UK are eligible to apply.
UK Business Visa
A UK business visa allows individuals to come to the UK to carry out activities specifically related to an overseas business. Under the current UK immigration rules for businesses are eligible to apply.
UK Self Sponsorship Visa
Self-Sponsorship refers to an application to come and work in the UK for your own business without the need of having a UK Sponsor. This can lead to permanent residency and British citizenship for yourself and your family.
UK Sponsorship License
Formerly known as the Tier 2 Sponsor Licence, a Sponsor Licence allows businesses that are genuinely present and operating in the UK, to employ EU and non-EU skilled workers to come and work legally in the UK.
UK Expansion Worker Visa
The Expansion Worker Visa is a specific type of visa for senior managers or specialist employees overseas who are assigned to the UK to carry out work related to the expansion of a business in the UK.
UK Work Visa
The UK Work Visa categories are for the non-European migrants who want to work and live in the UK. Each category within the system has its own purpose, criteria and requirements.
UK Startup Visa
If your startup visa was curtailed you might be able to apply for a new grant of leave for remaining of two years leave in total if you manage to receive a new endorsement and fulfil other requirements.
UK Innovator Visa
The Innovator visa route is aimed at experienced entrepreneurs seeking to set up or run a business in the UK. Under this route, applicants are required to demonstrate an innovative, viable and scalable business idea.

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Benefits of living and working in the UK !!

Free healthcare and education

The UK offers everyone within its borders access to healthcare and education for free, to a certain extent. Living and working in the UK would mean that migrants also have access to top quality healthcare services during emergencies.

Easy access to Europe

This is one of the top benefits of living and working in the UK for many people you can easily visit any country in Europe! The United Kingdom can easily be accessed with Heathrow Airport being the main hub for international travel.

It’s great for English speakers

If you speak English, you will have little to no problems with communicating, finding employment or making new acquaintances. As a result, the UK, particularly London is well known for hosting many expatriates.

A lot of paid time off

The UK is one of the places with the best paid time off policies. Every type of employment has a minimum of 5.6 weeks off. Regardless of the kind of job you do, as long as you earn a salary, you’ll certainly be ensured of a lot of leave or vacation days.

UK Great place for starting a Business

The United Kingdom is a great place to start a business. It has been repeatedly ranked in the top 10 countries globally to do so. The laws and tax policies in the UK tend to be quite favourable with so much score to find the right areas and customers.

It has friendly and polite people

On top of being generally welcoming and cosmopolitan, the UK is considered to be one of the few places with polite and friendly people. This means that once you relocate, befriending or meeting new people and connecting with new people.

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